Sorry! Keine Zeit für rund 10 Millionen Dollar

Mal wieder Spass in meiner Mailbox!

Dear Friend,
I wish the best in life for you and your family, and I hope you will receive this mail in good spirit and respond quickly with utmost secrecy and confidentiality; I got your address through my personal search for reliable person that can help me in securing the safe keeping of the fund till my arrival in your country. My name is Col.Anthony Johnson and I was the chief of security and operations for former president Charles Taylor of Liberia.
Please protect this mail for the safety of my life and that of my family to avoid us being toured or killed by his left behind secret agents. Please humbly beg you from the bottom of my heart to listen very carefully, the situation in my country are very critical and chaos, uproar and hostilities had brought the country to its knees and from intelligent report the center cannot hold anymore for former president Charles Taylor and his government.

The intense pressure from United States, United Nations, international community and West African peace keeping to [ecology] had made him former president Charles Taylor to step aside and gone on exile and also pressure to face war crime charges against humanity.
listen very carefully, you know my country Liberia is very rich with diamonds, and with my position as former chief of security and operations I have accumulated so much diamonds which I had sold to generate close to $30 million over the years and it is this fund that I want to move to you for safe keeping.
The funds are in boxes in dollar denomination and it would be set to you through diplomatic courier service with your name as the beneficiary within few days. Please would you do me a favor to receive this fund for me? Else the government in power will seize the fund and plunder it. If you are capable and know that you will truly and honestly help me, write me now, time is no more on my side. I will give you 30% of the fund and I will come to your country to take my part. Extend a friendly hand and help me. Please bear in mind that this fund is not loaned or stolen money but rather hard earned money generated.
I urgently await your reply.
Yours sincerely.
Col.Anthony Johnson

Tut mir wirklich leid, Herr Oberst – hab‘ leider keine Zeit! Arbeite nämlich gerade für viel weniger Geld aber mit viel mehr Wirkung (und Spass!) für meine Kunden :-)

Und noch was: nennen Sie mich bitte nicht mehr „Dear Friend“. Ich habe nämlich keine Freunde, die andere Menschen ausbeuten, um sich selbst zu bereichern.

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