Die Weisheiten der CEOs

Paul Kaihla hat 12 Weisheiten von Top Executives zusammengetragen …

  1. You can’t polish a sneaker.
    (Steve Loranger, chairman, president, and CEO, ITT Industries)
  2. Learn to say „I don’t know.“ If used when appropriate, it will be used often.
    (Howard Buffett, director, Berkshire Hathaway; president, Howard G. Buffett Foundation)
  3. You remember 1/3 of what you read, 1/2 of what people tell you, but 100 percent of what you feel.
    (Jim Guyette, president and CEO, Rolls-Royce North America)
  4. Look for what is missing. Many know how to improve what’s there; few can see what isn’t there.
    (Steve Loranger, chairman, president, and CEO, ITT Industries)
  5. Never direct a complaint to the top; a serious offense is to „cc“ a person’s boss on a copy of a complaint before the person has a chance to respond.
    (Bruce Whitman, president, FlightSafety International; director, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation)
  6. Treat the name of your company as if it were your own.
    (Bill Russell, former Boston Celtics superstar )
  7. Have fun at what you do. It will be reflected in your work. No one likes a grump except another grump!
    (Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and coauthor of Primal Leadership; Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Harvard University)
  8. When faced with decisions, try to look at them as if you were one level up in the organization. Your perspective will change quickly.
    (Marshall Larsen, CEO, Goodrich)
  9. If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much.
    (Andrew Benton, president, Pepperdine University)
  10. When something appears on a slide presentation, assume that the world knows about it and deal with it accordingly.
    (Richard Santulli, chairman, NetJets)
  11. A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter (or to others) is not a nice person. (This rule never fails.)
    (Paul Graziani, co-founder, president, and CEO, Analytical Graphics)
  12. When facing issues or problems that are becoming drawn out, „short them to ground.“
    (Clay Jones, chairman, president, and CEO, Rockwell Collins)

… und in The CEO’s Secret Handbook veröffentlicht.

Lesens- und nachdenkenswert!

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